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Sat, Nov. 11th, 2006, 01:20 am
croq: Promos needed

Hi All! We're a crafty zine that publishes 6x a year. We sell a lot of zines, and we could use your promos! Please send some, and get some exposure for your business!

Croq Zine
1748 SE 12th Ave
Portland OR 97214

Wed, Jul. 12th, 2006, 02:19 pm
uproar: (no subject)

The New Orleans Craft Mafia is proud to be a sponsor of the fifth installment of the ANTIGRAVITY Alternative Media Expo in New Orleans, LA. The Expo will take place on Saturday, August 19, 2006 at the Howlin' Wolf.

The Expo features exhibitors with 'zines, comics, photography, t-shirts, music, crafts, and other art and media. The Expo will run from 4pm to 10pm and the cover price is $5. Almost every type material is accepted, but if you have questions about whether yours would be, don't hesitate to contact Leo at expo @ antigravitymagazine . com

Vendor applications are being accepted now. You can download yours at http://www.antigravitymagazine.com.

If you cannot make the trip to New Orleans to participate as a vendor, please consider contributing to the swag bags. This is a great opportunity to get the word out about your band, business, or organization! Vendors may also participate in the swag bags.

The swag bags will be distributed to the first 250 customers to enter the doors at the Expo. You do not have to send 250 items; you can send as few as you like.

Some swag suggestions include: coupons, stickers, buttons, pens, keychains, CD/DVD samplers, blank notecards/stationary, or other small samples of your products. We ask that you do send actual swag items and not just promotional materials such as business cards or flyers. You can send these attached to your swag, of course. The deadline for sending in swag material is July 31, 2006.

For more information on contributing to the swag bags, including the address to send the swag to, please email mallory @ neworleanscraftmafia . com

Thu, Jun. 22nd, 2006, 01:48 pm
craftpromo: (no subject)

Craft Promo has some news!!

We have contests going on. You can win a free craft promo package, featuring items from sudsnscrubs.com, neverfeltbetterbyjen.com, evilkitty.net, pin up sodapop art, incraftwetrust.etsy.com, handmade horrors and many many more! You can also get free advertising on our flyers and on our site as well as cash!!! To check that out, go to http://www.craftpromo.net/contests.html

We have also decided that after the craft fair we are going to have themed promo packages for sale. To suggest a theme please go to http://www.craftpromo.net/themes.html.

We are also going to offer 50% off advertising of any of the 3 advertising (graphics, which you will be put on a waiting list ($2.50 savings), URLS ($1.00 savings) and flyers ($2.50 savings). For more information, please go to http://www.craftpromo.net/advertising.html . In the "How did you hear about us" spot, please put lj001 so that you can get the discount. There will only be 5 available, first come first serve!!!

We are also looking for contributors for the punk rock craft fair. For more information on that please go to http://www.craftpromo.net/join.html

And last but not least, please add us to myspace!! http://www.myspace.com/craftpromo

Thank you! :)
Craft Promo Staff

Fri, Jun. 9th, 2006, 11:11 am
jungle_dread: (no subject)

Want $50 worth of stuff?
I'm in need of a business card design.

So far, I've made the following, but it doesn't really explain my store
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So I'm running a design competition :D

The winning design I decide to use, will recieve $50 credit in my store!

You can spend it on whatever you like
and that -includes- custom designed items!
I'll be accepting designs until the 20th of June

You can either
-write a clear + interesting description of my store to go with the design I've done
-design a new one from scratch

Email me for any pics, or extra info you need to put together a stunning design :D

Thu, May. 11th, 2006, 11:48 pm
craftpromo: free advertising!

My name is Vanessa and about a week ago I started a craft experiment called Craft Promo. Basically all we do is provide free advertising for crafty online shops. So far we are doing pretty great. We have 15 contributors and i have sent out 15 packages of other peoples online goodies. I would like to extend an invitation to you to try us out. If you dont want to try it, that is completely fine with me. I just thought I would let you know, as others have said we have brought alot of traffic to their sites :). For more information please go to:


Dont think you can send in samples at this time? Thats fine, you can even send us flyers or buisness cards and I will throw those into the packs with others goodies! See site for details!

Fri, Feb. 17th, 2006, 04:12 am
fallonmay: Linky-poos

I have fliers, magnets, and stickers. Who wants to trade?

E-mail me ithesiren@hotmail.com (hopefully nobody was trying to contact me at sevenmuses@bellsouth.net as I haven't had access to it in some weeks. sorry ^_~) or...

Address under the cutCollapse )

I put some new links up at the resource site. If anybody else has any recommendations let me know and I'll post them.

Fri, Dec. 16th, 2005, 03:42 pm
wingedmuse: (no subject)

i was assembling promo packs this afternoon & realized that we're insanely low on flyers & promo items. send yours in; we would absolutely love to get your zine/distro/crafty/project flyers, buttons, stickers, or any other promo items that you have to throw into the Wrong Number Distro promo packs that we send out (& a lot we do send out!). please send to:

wrong number distro
9624 sonata court
midwest city, OK 73130

or email us with any inquiries: distro @ wrongnumberdistro . com
we will also send our flyers & promo items in return upon request!

get them in asap & we'll send them out when we re-open (once we initially close next week!) for the new year with our site redesign & tons of new additions! eep!


Sun, Nov. 20th, 2005, 01:54 am
fallonmay: Hello, hello, hello.

Wow! You go away for a little fun with a hurricane and all of the sudden people join your community.

So, I've been off dealing with hurricane Wilma (lots of no fun) and I just got my power and internet back this past week, and lo and behold, new members!

Hello you beautiful things.

Thanks to yardenxanthe for posting the resource, which I added to promoswap's splash page, up over here, which has a few various resources, like button makers, sticker makers, screen printing...that sort of thing.

If anyone knows of any other sites that should be up there, drop me a line.

Also, I'm going to be making the promotional rounds in my area, so anyone who wants to send buttons, fliers, stickers and the like, my e-mail is sevenmuses@bellsouth.net. I'll be going out with my own stuff so it's no trouble. I generally hit the local record stores (independent), comic shops, coffee shops, and other independent minded places. I'll also be hitting a few concerts within the next two months and I pass things out there as well. So if anyone's interested you can send as much or as little as you want.

Loves ya. ♥ ♥ ♥

Sat, Oct. 29th, 2005, 08:23 pm
yardenxanthe: (no subject)

Here's a cheap place to get flyers:

M13 Graphics.

They have a flyer-sharing program where you put your ad on one side, and they put theirs on the other. It's only $13 plus shipping (my shipping was about $13 -- total for 2500 flyers= $26).

You can do one a month.

Mon, Jul. 11th, 2005, 02:32 pm
jungle_dread: (no subject)

What I'd like promoted:

Jungle Dread - temporary dreadlock extensions

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I have business cards, and info booklets are soon to come.
Although this shouldn't matter as far as swapping promotions go, I'm not currently taking orders and will be opening again in August. Atm I'm building my stock for an even in late July.

Where I can promote for you:

-Often I vend my dread-lock wares at various venues, mainly music festivals.
My next event will be at "Splendour in the grass" in Byron Bay

-I work at a swimming pool so suitable products could include
>water-proof items
>skin care

-I'm also open to trading links

Being the first non-mod post, correct me if there's something I forgot to add :)

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