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Promo Swap

Hey, dude, wanna flier?

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This community is not for promoting other communities.
community_promo <- this community is.

What is Promo Swap?

Promo Swap is a place where small business owners (anyone from the makers of fine indie goods, to record labels, to zinesters) can swap promotional materials.

Why would we want to swap promotional materials, Lore?

Well, you can get advertisement out about your business/band/etc... through to lots of places where you might not be able to usually get them, at a much faster rate. We're a DIY/Indie community, right? Let's help each other out!

Ok, so how does this work?

You should consider the type of audience/customers you have. Consider what they want to see or hear. Describe your business/band/etc... Then ask for promo materials that you feel would appeal to your audience/customers. If you meet that criteria, reply and you can arrange a swap from there.

So do I just post my address?

I wouldn't recommend it. This is an open community and anyone can stumble across and find your address. I'd recommend communicating through e-mail once you've agreed to swap materials, or do a friends-locked post. I won't try to stop you but I also refuse to accept responsibility if you aquire any stalkers. Your choice.

Promotional Materials?

Yep! Fliers, business cards, brochures, postcards, buttons, stickers, whatever you've got! Did you know you can buy blank business cards and postcards from places like Walmart and Office Depot? You just design and print them up on your own home printer. All it generally takes to make a flier or brochure is some plain blank paper. If you need help requests can also be made on the community or you can check out the Independent Database Project for Designers (Indie like you!) to purchase business cards or designs from, and I recommend Busy Beaver and the Sticker Guy (also linked on the IDP) for buttons and stickers, respectively. How easy is that?

What do I do with this stuff?

Coffee shops, record stores, and the like are just a few places where you can leave promotional materials, if you need some ideas. They could also be placed with outgoing orders, or inside zines. You can even hand them out at the bus stop. If you have a table at a convention or a faire you could leave them out for people to pick up as they pass or put them in their bags as they check out.

Note: You might want to be careful with the zine/outgoing orders. It'd be kind of like getting junk mail. Too many ads! :)

So is this like the Sampler?

Not really. The Sampler focuses on sending out a package filled with handmade goodies from indie businesses as a promotional deal. Promo Swap is specifically for trading (no selling) promotional materials between indie businesses.

A few simple rules:
1. No bashing. I think it goes without saying that flaming and trolling will quickly get one banned. Respect people's opinions and if you don't want to do a trade with them, keep scrolling.

2. Off-topic posts will be deleted without prejudice. By which I mean to say I'll enjoy it very much, cackling gleefully all the while.

3. NO SELLING. What-so-ever, of any kind. None. Niet. Nada. Do you need a sign? I mean this one, no e-bay, no sly ::coughWE'RE HAVING A SALEcough:: stuff. This is for trading promotional materials ONLY.

If you're interested in buying/trading/selling try

and believe me there are more.

This community is maintained and moderated by fallonmay. I'm seeking more moderators, just comment. Before you do, consider reading these FAQ threads, here and here to get an idea of what you're getting yourself into.
Any questions or concerns can be sent to info@sevensirens.com.
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